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No business is safe from a data breach and Small Business ID Theft is an Emerging Risk Management Issue.

Most people believe ID Theft is only a problem for individual consumers.

Based on recent small business data breaches in the news – small business identity theft and fraud has become a new and emerging risk management issue. And did you know that criminals are more likely to target SMBs since most small business owners do not have the time, knowledge and/or resources to properly protect employee and customer data? The impact on brand reputation, risk of litigation and punitive actions of regulators can easily drive an otherwise successful business into bankruptcy.

Enroll today and protect the financial integrity and reputation of your business.

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A Comprehensive Risk Management Program

Business breach is rampant. Criminal attacks with malicious intent are the most expensive types of data breaches, with numbers of incidents continuing to rise. Your customers' and employees' personal identification information and financial information are at risk. Our solution provides peace of mind that you have a recovery plan in place when disaster strikes.

Data Breach Solution

You receive a customized and comprehensive Recovery Plan within 48 business hours of reporting a breach incident. Included is a detailed Communication Plan consisting of customer notification letters, employee talking points, FAQs, Call Center scripting and other PR needs that have been identified. PLUS, a Call Center staffed by professional Recovery Advocates provides Fully Managed Identity Fraud Research, Remediation and Recovery for up to 100,000 compromised records, per breach incident.

Fully Managed Identity Fraud Recovery for Key Personnel

Key personnel of your business will be protected with Fully Managed Identity Fraud Research, Remediation and Recovery in the event of their own identity theft event. A professional Recovery Advocate will manage the research, documentation and remediation legwork to resolve the identity fraud incident - saving time, money and lost productivity for your business and key personnel. The victim will have direct access to the assigned Recovery Advocate who is dedicated to the recovery process from beginning to end.